Crystal Pendants - Wire Wrapped

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Jewelers utilize the design method of wire wrapping so that the rough, raw energy of each stone is left intact. Each unique piece is hand-crafted with positive energy.

Rainbow Fluorite enhances calm, peaceful energy and is a wonderful cleanser for the mind, body and spirit. Known as a powerful neutralizer of negative energy and boasting protective qualities, rainbow fluorite also inspires mental clarity and peace. 

Rose Quartz is a wonderful stone to wear when in need of a soothing, calming energy flow! Rose Quartz is known for healing emotional pain and soothing feelings of anxiety, and is symbolic of the heart. This powerful crystal is best known for restoring and reenergizing the Heart Chakra, while manifesting calming and soothing energy. When worn over the heart, rose quartz is said to manifest a love attraction, while also healing the body with the energy of unconditional love.

Amethyst, one of the most utilized and popular of all crystals, is a natural reliever of stress and anxiety. This precious crystal is helpful to wear when calm and healing energy is sought. 

 A black, adjustable lanyard is included with purchase.

Please note - We use our own personal stock photos to reflect the high quality of our products. Colors, sizes, and shapes will vary, as no two natural stones are identical. We will carefully and intuitively select one that is perfect for you!

 We, at One Peaceful Night LLC are not doctors and cannot provide medical advice. Healing crystals are a wonderful compliment to traditional medicine, but are not a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.