Crystal Heart Pendants

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Wear this Rose Quartz Heart Pendant when in need of a soothing, calming energy flow! Rose Quartz is known for healing emotional pain and soothing feelings of anxiety, and is symbolic of the heart. This powerful crystal is best known for restoring and reenergizing the Heart Chakra, while manifesting calming and soothing energy. When worn over the heart, rose quartz is said to manifest a love attraction, while also healing the body with the energy of unconditional love.

Amethyst has been used emotional and physical healing, and is often used in Chakra balancing (especially the Crown Chakra). Those who suffer from nightmares and insomnia have found the energy of this stone supports reducing symptoms.

Unakite - If you are searching for one of the most healing crystals for the emotional heart and mind, this is the stone for you!  Unakite Jasper is best known for supporting a sense of balance within the emotional realm. In particular, the greens and pinks woven within the stone support the Heart Chakra, with a focus on self love, kindness, compassion and clarity. The heart shape of this pendant can be a reminder to take care of yourself while attending to your emotional needs on a daily basis.

Unakite is the perfect stone to use during meditation practices, as it supports an increased awareness of "living in the now".  When ready to move through past emotional pain toward healing and living in the present moment, the soothing energy of unakite can support this time of transitions. 

Each pendant comes with a black, adjustable lanyard.

 Please note - We use our own personal stock photos to reflect the high quality of our products. Colors, sizes, and shapes will vary, as no two natural stones are identical. We will carefully and intuitively select one that is perfect for you!

We, at One Peaceful Night LLC are not doctors and cannot provide medical advice. Healing crystals are a wonderful compliment to traditional medicine, but are not a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.