Protection Crystal Set with Vintage Bowl

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This set includes 3 clear quartz pocket stones, 2 pieces of raw black tourmaline, and the beautiful vintage bowl shown. 

Key Features of Black Tourmaline: 

  •  Psychic shielding of harmful intentions, dark entities
  •  Absorbs negative environmental electromagnetic energy
  •  Chakra realignment
  •  Supports grounding and mindfulness
  • Cleanses, purifies, and detoxifies the body

Black tourmaline, also called schorl, is an especially powerful grounding tool for those looking for protection and healing. It is one of our favorite stones to work with.

Black tourmaline can be used to support the absorption of negative energy. Negative energy can present in many ways. For instance, stone can absorb electromagnetic energy from the physical environment (computers, electric cables, and more).

For those on a healing path, black tourmaline is thought to bring healing energies and power to the caretaker of the stone, through psychic shielding of harmful intentions, dark entities, negative electromagnetic energy, geopathic stress, and other forces.

As this stone has highly protective properties, it can be used as a meditation/grounding object to help manifest a sense of power, self confidence, positive energy, and positive attitudes toward the progress you are making on your healing journey (no matter how small each step may seem).

Clear quartz is one of the most popular crystals among collectors, both novice and experienced.

This crystal is used primarily to cleanse and amplify positive energy, and is often used as a base crystal within crystal grids and formations. If you are looking to enhance peace and clarity in your sacred space, this is the crystal for you!

The beautifully detailed vintage bowl shown is included to hold your crystals or other trinkets.

Bowl measures approximately 5.25 inches across, and is stamped Germany on the back.