Labradorite Pillow Palm Stones (2.5 - 3 inch Galets)

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Key Features of Labradorite:

Balances and protects the aura
Strengthens intuition
Considered helpful in treating depression and anxiety
Jump starts the imagination and creativity
Dispels negative energy
Supports breaking unhealthy habits

Labradorite is classified as a feldspar, which means it belongs to a group of minerals that contain calcium, sodium, or potassium. Generally, this mineral is blue and dark gray in color, and is considered a semi-precious gemstone with a unique feature - spectacular rainbow iridescence!

This feature is known as the Schiller effect, in which “flashes” of bright colors can be seen within the mineral, including purple, orange, and green. This effect is often caused by minuscule, rod-like inclusions within a crystal. To observe this phenomenon, hold a piece of labradorite in your hand and move it back and forth at different angles. Stunning!

Labradorite is best known for being a stone that supports transformation and transition, personal strength, and perseverance. An additional benefit includes balancing the aura while providing protection, and grounding spiritual energies that we may encounter.

Simply turn this beauty around in your hand and watch the incredible changes of color happen right before your eyes. Every piece is unique, and we will choose one intuitively for you!