Crystal-filled Aromatherapy Roller Bottles

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Each clear glass bottle contains a collection of crystal chips and has a matching gemstone rollerball for easy application of essential oils. Add your own signature blend of essential oils, or simply add nothing at all and keep your new crystal friends close to you throughout the day.

These crystal stone chips have been carefully sterilized in boiling water and dried gently by a soft wind. The crystals are then kept safe, warm, and energized in our cozy den surrounded by rose quartz, black tourmaline, amethyst, and clear quartz.

We have found these refillable roller bottles to be the most convenient and economical way to dispense essential oil blends.  Simply pre-dilute your oil blends so that they can be applied directly to the skin without drips or spills. 

Want to change scents/oils? Rinse the crystals and bottle in cool water, and air dry on a soft towel or cloth. When dry, place the crystals back in the bottle and add your new signature blend! Please note - Essential oils are not included.


Lapis Lazuli
Boosts creativity, inspiration and the creation of new ideas; strengthens the immune system, supports speaking one’s truth, enhances clear communication; helps the mind to focus
(Throat Chakra)

Rose Quartz 
Calms dreams, facilitates forgiveness, eases emotional pain and feelings of anxiety, opens the heart to receive love and compassion, facilitates forgiveness (Heart Chakra)

Known for amplifying the manifestation of thoughts and dreams
Offers mental, spiritual, and emotional protection and healing, soothes and calms the brain, restores inner peace, supports discovery of inner vision and purpose (Crown Chakra)

Green Aventurine 
Known for amplifying luck, abundance, and prosperity
Supports positive mental, spiritual, and emotional health, the rejuvenation of energy, enhances cheerfulness, reduces feelings of anxiety, supports confidence in making new decisions and changes
(Heart & Throat Chakras)

Red Jasper
Booster of willpower, perseverance; alleviates exhaustion and boosts personal drive and energy; strengthening personal boundaries, grounding
(Root Chakra)

Known for amplifying positivity
Clears negative energy in the environment and within the body, enhances memory, focus, and intellect, supports sound decision making; energizing
(Third Eye Chakra, Heart Chakra)

Tiger's Eye
Tiger's Eye is associated with willpower and motivation. This stone is often used to assist with the clarification of  complex situations, and has been used for centuries to attract good luck and ward off negative energies. Tiger's Eye is also a wonderful amplifier of other stones it comes in contact with. 
(Solar Plexus Chakra)


Please note - We use our own personal stock photos to reflect the high quality of our products. Colors, sizes, and shapes will vary, as no two natural stones are identical.  

Additional Information:

  • Bottles are sold separately
  • Bottles are approximately 10ml, 0.33 fl oz
  • These gemstones are all natural, unique stones that will have color differences.

We, at One Peaceful Night, LLC are not doctors and cannot provide medical advice. Healing crystals are a wonderful compliment to traditional medicine, but are not a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.