Chevron Amethyst Stones, Set of 2

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 Key Features of Amethyst:

  • Calms the nervous system and brain
  • Improves quality of sleep when placed under pillow
  • Eases headaches and migraines
  • Wards off negative influences 
  • Facilitates intuition and clear communication
  • Stress relief

Chevron Amethyst is a beautiful combination of amethyst, quartz, and smokey quartz, making it a powerhouse of peaceful, protective, healing energy. The unique designs and banded v-shaped patterns will add a soothing vibe to your crystal collection, and is a must have if you are looking for support with change, depression, anxiety, and protection against negative energies and psychic attacks. 

The combinations and layers of amethyst, quartz, and smokey quartz contained in a powerful, single palm stone make this a great crystal to take with you, wherever life takes you!

Palm stones are smooth, flat, polished gemstones. The size and shape of these stones are specifically designed for easy, discreet use and pocket carry. 

To use for relaxation or anxiety relief, hold the stone between your index finger and thumb, and gently move your thumb back and forth across the stone while taking several cleansing breaths. Another option is to hold the stone in the palm of your hand, focusing on the feel, patterns, and vibrations of the stone when you want to ground yourself in the present moment.

TWO stones, an information card, and pouch are included with purchase.
Size reference - Small palm stones are about the size of a quarter, but thicker.



Please note - We use our own personal stock photos to reflect the high quality of our products. Colors, sizes, and shapes will vary, as no two natural stones are identical.  

Tumbled stones are not intended for young children, as they pose a choking hazard.

We, at One Peaceful Night LLC are not doctors and cannot provide medical advice. Healing crystals are a wonderful compliment to traditional medicine, but are not a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.