Tree of Life Keychains

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The Tree of Life is a universal symbol found in many cultures and traditions, and represents connections, wisdom, strength, redemption, blessings, and the sacred Life Force. In the book of Genesis, this sacred, life giving tree was created to enhance and sustain the physical life of all humanity across the ages.

The Tree of Life also represents rebirth, the seasons of growth, and change.

Trees shed their leaves in the autumn (a season of opportunity to release all that which no longer contributes to our path and the greater good).

In the winter season, trees hibernate (a time for us to reflect on our path, while at the same time providing us with an opportunity to create goals and consider our hopes/dreams for the future).

During the spring season, we witness rebirth all around us. Trees are budding and flowers are opening up to face a world of new possibilities (in our lives and in the world around us).

During summer, the tree flourishes, and hosts an abundance of life, hope, and manifestation (known as the season when hopes, dreams and goals are realized).

Carry a Tree of Life keychain to remind yourself on a daily basis that we all ebb and flow through these stages and seasons, and share the same precious gift of life!


Our crystal keychains are cleansed and charged on a bed of selenite prior to shipping.

Please note - We use our own personal stock photos to reflect the high quality of our products. Colors, sizes, and shapes will vary, as no two natural stones are identical.