A Short Introduction to the Heart Chakra

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A  well balanced Heart Chakra is full of love, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. A Heart Chakra experiencing blockage may manifest feeling of anger/rage, jealousy, resentment, insecurity, lack of trust, and loss.

The Heart Chakra is known as the balance point of all seven Chakras, and is located within the center of the chest. If the energy of the Heart Chakra is in need of healing, there are several methods that can be utilized.

Working with, carrying, wearing, or displaying crystals associated with the Heart Chakra is a popular method of working on achieving balance. Using crystals to create a simple arrangement or more complicated grid pattern are options. Crystals can also be placed at your desk or on a countertop. While engaging in these activities, picture your heart opening up to and embracing love and peace. 

       Crystals most often associated with strengthening and balancing the Heart Chakra include:

  • Amazonite
  • Aventurine
  • Jade (Green)
  • Rose Quartz
  • Malachite,
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Unakite

A simple image of a heart coupled with rose quartz can be used to enhance positive energy in a space. 


Tapping into the soothing energy of green is another method, which involves meditating on the color, and/or adding green hues to your environment. Wear green clothing or jewelry, or create a small display area in your home that contains items that are green. “Green energy is freedom and expansion. It is the building block of self-acceptance and acceptance of others” (S. Sebastian).chakra-anatomy.com


Rose quartz is known as being one of the most effective gemstones for healing the Heart Chakra.

 Rose Quartz Palm Stones


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